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The PRESS G series of burners covers a firing range from 107 to 1660 kW and they have been designed for use in civil installations of average dimensions, like building areas and large apartment groups or for use in industrial applications, like small or medium plants. Operation is two stage; the burners are fitted with a microprocessor-based burner safety control box which supplies indication of operation and diagnosis of fault cause. The combustion head, that can be set on the basis of required output, allows optimal performance ensuring good combustion and reducing fuel consumption. The main feature of these burners is their reliability due to a simple and strong construction, that permits operation without particular maintenance intervention. Simplified maintenance is achieved by the slide bar system, which allows easy access to all of the essential components of the combustion head. All electrical components are easily accessible only by dismounting a protection panel, thus guaranteeing a quick and simple intervention on components.


Press G Series

  • PRESS GW 107/178 ÷ 356 kW
  • PRESS 1G 130/190 ÷ 534 kW
  • PRESS 2G 214/356 ÷ 712 kW
  • PRESS 3G 273/534 ÷ 1168 kW
  • PRESS 4G 415/830 ÷ 1660 kW


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