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Non Asbestos Packing

Glass Fibre Cloth Glass Fibre Cloth

Thickness : 1.6mm, 3mm

Width : 1 meter

Temperature: 500 deg C

Woven Glass Fibre products offer superior tensile strength, flexibility, and high-temperature resistance. Glass Fibre Cloth is designed for use in industrial applications requiring an incombustible high-temperature fabric. Glass Fibre products are exceptionally strong in comparison to other high-temperature products. Glass Fibre Cloth is engineered to withstand temperature up to 500 deg C

Glass Fibre Cloth Aluminium Coating Glass Fibre Cloth Aluminium Coating

Thickness: 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 3mm

Width : 1 meter

Temperature: 550 deg C

Glass Fibre Round Rope Glass Fibre Round Rope

Size: 32mm~38mm

Max. Temperature: 500 deg c

Glass Fibre Square Rope Glass Fibre Square Rope

Size : 32mm~38mm

Temperature: 500 deg c

Glass Fibre Tape Glass Fibre Tape

Thickness: 1.6mm~6.4mm

Width: 25mm~80mm

Refractoriness: 500 deg c

Package: 2.5kgs/roll or 5kgs/roll

Application: For use on boilers, pipelines and ancillary equipment in power plants, factories, buildings, and ships.

Glass Fibre Twisted Yarn Glass Fibre Twisted Yarn

Size: 6mm~25mm

Refractoriness : 500 deg C

Package : 5kgs/roll or 10kgs/roll

Glass Fiber Yarns are used as a heat insulation material in heat-conducting systems and thermal installations.

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