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Unijin Pressure Gauge has been trusted for its quality, safety, stability, and accuracy in pressure monitoring. Pressure Gauge is offered in several models tailored for different service condition, mainly application which does not have high viscosity and does not crystallize.

The oil-filled model option is recommended where system or equipment is with pulsating pressure or mechanical shock and vibration are apparent.

Mounting is available on the bottom or back of pressure gauge to the customer’s preference.

General Service Pressure Gauge P110
Digital Pressure Gauge P130
Process Industrial Pressure Gauge (Crimp Casing) P250/P251
Industrial Pressure Gauge P252/P258
Process Industrial Pressure Gauge P253/P259
Industrial Pressure Gauge (Crimp Casing) P254/P255
Solid Front Pressure Gauge P257
PP Diaphragm Pressure Gauge P300
Low Pressure Gauge P421
Low Pressure Gauge (Zero Adjustable) P422
Electric Contact Pressure Gauge P510
Differential Pressure Gauge P660
Diaphragm Seal Type Pressure Gauge P700
Sanitary Pressure Gauge P752
General Purpose Pressure Transmitter UPT-110


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