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Gland Packing

1800A GRAPHITED SQUARE PACKING Graphited Square Packing 1800A

Material: Graphite (black)

Size : 2MM ~ 32MM

Temperature: 350 deg C

Pressure : 30kg/cm2

Application: Pump Shaft, Rod, Valve-stem

Fluid Suitable: Heated Oil, Estel, Steam

1900A GREASED COTTON PACKING Greased Cotton Packing 1900A 

Material: Greased Packing

Size : 3MM ~ 25MM

Temperature: 80 deg C

Pressure : 5kg/cm2

Application: Stern Tube, water and seawater pump

Impregnated Asbestos Lattice Braided Packing without Lubricant Impregnated Asbestos Lattice Braided Packing without Lubricant

Material: PTFE yarn

Size: 3MM ~ 7MM

Temperature: 100 degC + 260 degC

Pressure: 30kg/cm2

PTFE braided packing of multi-filament yarn is braided with stretched and reinforced PTFE fiber, then, fully impregnated with PTFE latex. This packing has good chemical resistance to acid, alkali, solution and other mediums with corrosion, and be applied in wide temperature limit and low friction rate, with good sealing effect in urea amine pump and thick nitric acid plunger pump, the usage life in amine pump with media of grain is more than double of asbestos PTFE packing .

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