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B.H. Tool – Semi blocked tubes are easily cleared by this useful range of tools. Although ideal for normal cleaning of straight tubes within the range of sizes stipulated, they are used for opening up larger diameter tubes that are heavily scaled.
D.B. Drill – Blocked tubes are always a problem. The D.B. Drill is very effective in straight tubes. The cutting edges of this tool can be tipped if required, for faster drilling and longer life. Available size from 20mm to 45mm.
D.B. Drill – As PH Cleaning Tool but in double form.
E.T. Cleaning Tool – By far the most popular tool with SUGAR MILLS for the rapid and safe removal of hard linings of scale up to say 1.60mm thick in EVAPORATOR and JUICE HEATER tubes in one pass. Fast and effective, and equally safe in Brass or Copper tubes. Supplied in a range of tube bore sizes from 29mm to 57mm inclusive.
Flexible RT Tool – As the SRT Tool but for use on curved or straight tubes.
P.H. Cleaning Tool – For brass and copper tubes up to 2″ (51mm) internal diameter. Equally suitable for all steel tubes from 32mm to 102mm internal diameter. The orthodox tool for the removal of hard scale for STRAIGHT and CURVED boiler tubes, etc.
SRT Tool – This design of the tool is probably the most effective there is for dealing with those extremely hard deposits which are inclined to accumulate and line the bores of straight steel tubes. When time is the essence of the cleaning operation and particularly when tough measures are needed the SRT Tool cannot be bettered.

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