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Board Of Directors


Dato’ Lim Cheah Chooi

DATO’ LIM CHEAH CHOOI. Aged 69, male, a Malaysian, is the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of UGB. He was appointed to the Board of UGB on 6 March 2000 as Executive Chairman and Managing Director and was re-designated to CEO on 18 March 2013.

Dato’ Lim is the founder of Unimech Group. He has good business acumen and entrepreneurship and has more than forty-two (42) years of experience in manufacturing, trading, and engineering in relation with the valves, pipe fitting, burner application and steam engineering systems. His invaluable business experience and vast management knowledge coupled with the business connections established in Malaysia and overseas over the years, has led the Group to become one of the main players in the industry. He is responsible for the long-term strategic planning and development of the Group’s goals and objectives. He also sits on the Board of several private limited companies. He is the father of Mr. Lim Jun Lin.


Mr. Lim Jun Lin

MR. LIM JUN LIN. Aged 44, male, a Malaysian, is an Executive Director of UGB. He has been an Executive Director of Unimech Group Bhd since August 10, 2005. Mr. JL Lim commenced his career in 1997 by joining UME (M) as the Finance Manager and was responsible for Unimech Group Bhd accounting, finance, and administrative matters. He also sits on the Board of several private limited companies. He is the son of Dato’ Lim Cheah Chooi, the Executive Chairman and Managing Director of Unimech Group Berhad. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Commerce from Deakin University, Australia. He oversees the business development of overseas subsidiaries and manufacturing operations of the Group.

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